updated at 12:57pm on 07/10/2019

by Johnny Hood gave St Johns Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

The Best GP I Have Ever Had

I have lived in London for 4 years now and in that time had some awful experiences with GP's treating me like a number rather than a human. This is not the case with the fantastic people at St Johns. One doctor is the best GP I have ever had and seems to really care, which is something sorely lacking in the ever strained and underfunded NHS. Thanks for the fantastic service.

Visited in January 2019, Posted on 09 January 2019

by michael gave St Johns Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Consistent excellent patient service

I saw the doctor today about my conjunctivitis..
I have known him now for over 20 years and he always treats me curteously and with the benefit of his many years of experience in the NHS and his very quick grasp of the cause of any medical condition.
I asked him today about reducing the medication i am on for cluster headaches and he politely reminded me of how long it had taken my neurologist to get to the correct level of Gabapentin and the excruciating headaches i used to experience..
So he recommended that i stick to the current level of medication..
The doctor and his fellow doctors together with all the support staff of nurses,receptionists and admin personnel run an outstanding medical centre.

Visited in December 2018, Posted on 10 December 2018